Using the Spotify API, I've created an application that allows users to search the Spotify library, create a custom playlist, then save it to their Spotify account. This project challenged me to to break down a technical problem into potential implementations and lay out a clear implementation game plan.

  • Spotify Login — in the Spotify Developer Guide to register your application.
  • Search by Song, Album, or Artist — a user can type the name of a song, artist, or album into the search bar and click the SEARCH button. The app will request song data about the user's input from the Spotify library.
  • Populate Results List — Jammming displays the list of returned tracks from the user's query.
  • Add Song to a Custom Playlist — users can add a track to their playlist by selecting a + sign on the right side of the track's display container.
  • Remove Song from Custom Playlist — users can remove a track from their playlist by selecting a - sign on the right side of the track's display container.
  • Change Playlist Title — users can change the title of their custom playlist.
  • Save Playlist to Account — users can save their custom playlist by clicking a button called SAVE TO SPOTIFY.
  • Preview player - users can preview 30s of the selected track in a video player.




This was my first ReactJS project and over the course this project, I learned to utilize the React library, importing and exporting components, the Yelp API, props, and more to achieve a fully functioning Yelp-like clone. The basic function of this application is to search the Yelp API for restaurants that match one of three different search options (best match, highest rated, or most reviewed). Users can click on a restaurant's image / address to visit their Yelp page.