The Fallen City of Malmouth

Grim Dawn is an action role-playing game that recently released a new expansion, Ashes of Malmouth. For this project, I created a one page site that highlights features and promotes this new expansion. I've really enjoyed playing this game in the past and wanted to try my hand at building out a site that compliments their work.


Grim & Green


This project required a lot of time editing the media, created by Crate Entertainment, so that it would work in the site. I manually separated out a Ashes of Malmouth background image into 7 layers to create a parallax effect, created multiple sprites for section dividers and navigation, and used Sony Vegas to edit some of the Ashes of Malmouth promotion videos to accent specific sections on the site. With all this media, I had to optimize and compress the many images and videos using Optimizilla and Handbrake respectively.


Shaping a World

An Immersive Experience

This page needed to a way to come to life and make users feel like they are a part of this apocalyptic world of Grim Dawn. So, I came up with a few exciting ways to show off the artwork and allow users to interact with it. Starting off, I created a parallax effect at the top of the page that uses 7 different layers to create a dynamic image. As the user scrolls, the layers move at different speeds in order to create the layered effect.


Next up, the navigation got revamped to relate to the game's content. By using Grim Dawn's Devotion system, I came up with an idea for the desktop navigation. The Devotion system allows players to customize their skills with additional Celestial Powers by unlocking constellations. In the navigation, a different constellation accompanies a section label that appears after the user hovers on the constellations. Each constellation will light up individually when hovered over by using CSS and a sprite created in Photoshop.


I always have a simple motto when I play games: "Look good to play good". I know many players want to create a unique and striking look for their characters too. Using some of the media from Grim Dawn's design team, I created a lightbox (desktop) and carousel (mobile) that show off some of these incredible items.


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